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Illustrator + Inspirer

I'm an illustrator living in Portland, Oregon. I make really simple black and white illustrations, not too different than what used to pepper the insides and outsides of my notebooks throughout school. I used to think I couldn't call myself an artist, because I can't draw photo-realistically, I'm terrible at proportions, and perspective and I will never be friends.

Eventually I decided to accept and embrace my style. I now have my own greeting card company, a book of downloadable stock illustrations, and I get to draw for people all over the world. Last Valentine's Day, I got my deer illustration tattooed on my arm--the very same deer that was the first illustration I sold--as a reminder that I'm enough, that imperfections are beautiful and what make us human, and to publish even though I'm scared.

My style is a reflection of my beliefs and my personality--I love the ideals of minimalism, focusing on mindfulness, that less is more, and finding beauty in simplicity. I also love the way kids experience life. Their wonder, curiosity, playfulness and joy inspire me on my darkest days, so I always try to remember to play while working. I chose this path, art and creativity, because it's brought me joy from a young age, and I hope that comes through in my creations. I really love to inspire others.

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