The Intuitionist

Ok so I'm SUPER excited about this. It's about emails but you might be excited too so bear with me for a sec.

I'm gonna start to actually send emails to my email list. I think it's going to be full of helpful, fun, funny, inspiring, raw human goodies. I've been missing writing more consistently, and I want to share more. It seems like what I share here strikes a chord for some of you and it is an incredible feeling to know that what feels meaningful to me can also be meaningful to you. So I'm gonna do more of that, in a more official way.

I've let my email list idle for years because I felt like my blog had to be like.. about art. Art tips, technique, that lead to sales pitches etc. I do love that stuff and think it's vital, but it never felt right for me. So, rather than do what I think is expected of me as An Artist, I'm going to do what I feel called to do as A Human.

It's going to be called The Intuitionist. 'Cause all the things I make and do and write and draw and say somehow lead back to working with one's own intuition. Intuition is the string that ties all my varied projects together and what I want to shout about all the time. It's about getting to know who YOU ARE. Not about who you want to be or who you think you should be or who you are expected to be but who you ARE. It's reality-based--it starts in the present with exactly what is there. And then action is taken based on feelings within you after all the knowledge about reality is gathered. I also believe that if everyone acts in accordance with both the reality of the world and themselves, and do what they feel moved to do after that.. well we could be living in and creating a much more enjoyable reality.

I don't know where this all will lead but in coming to know the reality of myself more and more, this *feels* like the next right step. (Tryna walk my talk here!) The amazing thing that each of us can offer is our own perspective, our voice, sharing the way we see the world. I want to use my voice to help friends and family and strangers get to know themselves better--with practical, actionable ideas of steps to take--so they can put more of themselves in the world. I want to empower everyone to know and share themselves. I think this is the way we change the world.

I don't mean to insinuate that everything I say or do or share is going to be groundbreaking. A lot of the things that ignite us are very simple, and a lot of what I like to share are reminders of getting back to basics. I just think that if we *are* going to change the world together, well then here's another way I can start taking small, consistent steps with and for you. I want us to strip down together to the very essence of who we are and leave all pretense and excess aside.

Very long winded intro aside, if you feel called to join me, you can sign up for these weekly INTUITIONIST emails here: